Friday, February 24, 2017



The last thing we worked
on was trying to ascertain
how two men could have very
similar life experiences, and
yet end up with extraordinary
ly different personalities.

Thus, JJ of Omaha, Happy-Go-
Lucky, and DS from suburban
Pennsylvania, Tick-Tight!

We gave each the other's file
to get their takes also.

Both thought the other crazy.

Now, I omitted the chief difference,
or difference-maker: Laurel.

She lived with JJ and was entirely lovely.
On the surface.

Was it she helped make him so casual
and very often careless?
we wondered.

But before we could manipulate anything
for the purposes of Science, DS started
emailing her. Mostly nervous messages
of his ailments and fears. Innumerable.

Struck a chord after a bit, and now Laurel
has moved to Pennsylvania!

What does it do to the experiment? We’re having
a big meeting of the Project Director and staff.

Preliminarily, DS is–perhaps a stretch to call it thus--

She agitates him further than he’d like at frequent times, but to
a good end.

And so is JJ, back in Omaha! Ecstatic really. Yet, calmly
trying to take himself, and life, more seriously.

Thus, anyway, “The Laurel Factor.”  Oh yes!

Much much study is needed imho.

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