Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Fiances’ Club

Even the silliness of our version of
Sadie Hawkins Day could hardly derail
the long-standing Fiances’ Club.

That is before Evvy and Renz.

They received each other in a random
drawing and spent a few hours together.

Later described by both in their mutual
statement as "A sexual and emotional

A Legislative Investigation now recommends
the club be disbanded.

But...cooler heads. Most of the important officials
claim you can't possibly regulate every aspect of
personal behavior.

Well, yes and no. The two impromptu lovers have
been fined under old Lascivious Carriage laws.

But it has since been rescinded by their marriage.

In a perfect world, the severely-wronged parties,
Evvy's Jordan and Renz's Delilah, would meet and...

Well, guess what?

And even more incendiary than the disruptive ones.

“So, ultimately no harm, no foul,” laughs Representative
Karker. “Old Hollywood. Black and white. Romantic
Comedy. Life’s a romantic comedy!”

But Honorable Dell Dempster shouts “Hell in a handbasket!”

And who’s to say he’s wrong?

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