Wednesday, February 08, 2017


Trapped In Another's Mind

Yuent's only royalty came
from the Dixie-Whistling
Potato Peeler.

Finally, friend Henny convinced
him to go big.

In his regular job as maintenance
man at Little Jeb Early's Distillery,
he had access to the necessary tools.

A year later, Gert and Henny were
invited to Yuent's bungalow.

All hell broke loose. No, really.

The door opened to brilliance and
an overpowering stench.

Spun Henny around, an elbow striking
Gert, who ran as if her hair afire.

Was. Plunged into nearby Brunson's Pond.

The new police chief waited for the firemen
to finish, and then found no bodies. Neither

man. Gert in hospital for shock and burns

From Harvard, and kept their files
on his desk thereafter. Labeling both

For Another Dimension.

Henny's received the additional designation

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