Wednesday, February 01, 2017


Two Knowing Each Other

-Those women become men? Do they
get big boners?

-Undoubtedly! You remember Lucy Double-M?

-She’s one?

-Out in middle front when she once just did top.

-Was a pulchritudinous female!

-No longer.

-That seems...a tragedy.

-Or something?

-Whatever. And what was THAT?

-A little pat on the ass.

-What FOR?

-To encouraged your knowledge, and so you’ll
love the fear of your proclivities.

-My girlfriend and I handle the later.

-You two give hetero a bad name.

-Hey! What can I say? We wax and wane.

-Christ! Does life hafta be this dull?

-Change things up, then, and become a lady!

-Not for me either.

-Maybe they give month trials.

-Keep talking. May be a fruitful experiment.

-You’re already half there. Do you read Male Vogue?

-There is no Male Vogue.

-Too bad!

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