Monday, March 20, 2017


Example of a Man Who Didn’t Pay Off

or Amber Ways of Grim

When Clint’s retraining as a
Gelsurd Technician was finished,
he was immediately hired
by a firm refurbishing trashed
units to ship to Latvia.

That country being the only
place the game still being played.

Then, they gave up too.

Clint on Unemployment again.

The One-and-Out Plan insured
he could never again be retrained
for anything.

So he became a PU, Permanently
Unemployable, and relied on
coupons shipped from Washington.

The first two were for a store in

There he exchanged both for
a long baguette and a hunk
of pale cheese.

Unfortunately the cheese made
popping sounds on the Charity
Bus, and he was ordered to dismount.

When he removed the waxy
wrapping, he discovered
quarter size blue splotches.

So did the rats who devoured
both cheese and bread.

Marking up Clint in the process.

But not the worst day of his life,
since the gatekeeper of his
apartment block let him in
free when he saw his clawed
and bitten state.

Waiving the daily entrance cost.

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