Friday, March 24, 2017


License and Restraint

Kreps and Mickey volunteered
to get the older folks to
the neighborhood picnic.

They arranged rides by
Mickey running a program
on his phone.

That took ten minutes, and
then the men for some reason
gravitated to violent sex.

Honest relationships were in the
air at that time, so both told
Cecily and Jeanne respectively.

The women shocked, the men insisted

You'd think the shock would wear away,
but...well it might have, but the men
couldn’t keep their promise.

They have since moved in together.

Jeanne and Cecily facilitate each other.
The latter has stopped computer games,
and the former helps her to culture up instead.

Now, no more isolating and drugs, like
Emily Dickinson on Speed!

Instead, discussions re Jane Austin's novels.

Along that line, also, Cecily now goes out with
Dr Kelvin Morrisey, Brit Lit teacher.

Jeanne has become a performance artist, her group
lately taking over a neighborhood vegetable grocery
to scream feminist couplets at each other.

To the jabbering consternation of Hong and
Vera Lee, newish proprietors.

Well. Now. If the original men had restrained
themselves, two Chinese would be relatively

But! two Caucasian women have stopped
“chewing the cud.”

To use their agreed-upon description.

Employ your own cliche here. Life?
Urban Existence? Passing Parade?
Goddamn Fools?...these forms of
speech can run on much too far also.

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