Saturday, March 25, 2017


-She punches above her weight.

-Good Lord!

-Phys Ed, Volleyball Captain.

-And he?

-Round the same size. Anyway,
both give as much as they get.


-I don't know. Their passion includes
violence. Birds of a feather.

-Passion and violence, or those two?

-The quartet.

-My advice for both? Go back to back and
then start walking and never stop.

-They wouldn't. Stubborn. Until they met 

up again on this odd sphere. Then, one 
word would lead to another...and mayhem.

-At any rate, please don't tell me they're
going to marry!

-Six months!

-Wrong for each other and the world!

-Who's to say?

-And when the babies start coming?

-They'll tone down the vicious act.

-Uh huh? And into middle age?

-Typical sweet suburban couple.

-I don't believe it!

-That's because you must start with some.

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