Monday, March 13, 2017


The Career

Company in cheerleading mode way back.

Before-work meetings. Lusty.

He was an intern then, and when they all
turned to him, screaming “Are you on board?”

he answered at the top of his resilient lungs.

“One hundred fifty melon percent!”

Melon for million, of course. Mis-speak.

But, Melon his name from then on.

His function has always been, from that moment,
a sort of mascot for whatever HR insanity
management promoted.

At any rate, Retirement finally arrives, and the most
senior VP almost cancels his flights for Melon’s Dinner.

But warned by Legal not to attend, because subpoenas
will ruin his good time.

Melon’s wife wisecracks that she’s ecstatic he’s almost free.

“From ingrates and crooks!”

The FBI assures him he is not a target.

They, too, didn’t take him seriously.

“Well,” he later remarks to the gray dude fashioning the bow
tie in the mirror. “It’s a Wrap!”

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