Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Behaviors, Often Direct

Leila on a boil, and this new guy: 

"Well the essentially stupid Republicans
finally got their even stupider guy, and
he's re-instituting all the old programs
that never worked! So it 's screw everybody
but the Holy Rich!"

She politely attempted to get him to shut up,
and just grab her.

“I ran out of my phoney wiles," she confided
to her vibrator later.

Then the phone rang. Old Reliable Lanky!

"You've got to get over here in ten minutes
or never call again!" informed she him.

"Just...our little chat first, and I'll leave here."

“No freakin chat! You're on the clock, and I'll
lock the freakin doors!"

He did as told. All’s well that ends etc etc.
Her circle of friends and colleagues thankful.                                                                                  

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