Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Playing With Cars

When Dorine met Dr Rodgehill, at Home Depot,
he tried to sell her a course he still had open at
the Cow Ridge Night School.

Genealogy. No interest.

So he asked her what she was interested in,
and told her he could design a course for
her and a friend or two, and get a few
others to join.

“Tell me a film you particularly like. That could
be a starting point.”

She and buddy Georgette, had watched Jules and Jim 

innumerable times.

So he designed “New Wave Cinema and Lit”
and got Dr Maurice Petit from the French
Department of the university to handle it.

When Malcolm heard about it from Georgette
at his accounting firm, he decided to enroll,
knowing nothing of the field but desperately
requiring some culture.

He had a new Lexis and it seemed important
that the three arrive at the high school in it.

He worked out the logistics wherein the other
two would drive to his house. Then his wife,
Buster, insisted they bring their mates and
the three would have an impromptu party as
the scholars did their thing. Then welcome
them upon their academic return!

“Buster” because she had been a tomboy, and
it stuck.

Things became out of whack that first night,
though. Grandma was late picking up the kids,
and they left a mess in the den.

Buster attempted to sweep up up the toy cars scattered
about, but the husbands of Dorine and Georgette, Jerry
and Cart, stopped her and started playing with them.
She left to get beers and their voices drifted up
to the kitchen. A children’s language.

“You must be Stump Stumpzel, a real bastard
of a dirty driver, and I’m Joe Curley, the champ!
And you try to–-”

“You mean like this and this and THIS!” Sounds of

When she showed with the beer, Cart asked her
to be Doris Dale, a female driver trying to break
into the boys club.

“No way! I fight that fight every day! I’m Count
Briley and I’m dying, and this’ll probably be
my last race.” Then she made great pre-launch
RMMM  RMMM sounds!

“And I’ll WRECK you!” screamed Jerry over them.

But Cart tried to intercept him and wreck him

In the protracted fury, Buster ran the car into
the old broken TV console. And was killed!

Whereupon, she became Rookie Don Darling!
He’d show the other two some new tricks!

Well, the evening went this way, but they
didn’t tell the scholars anything when they
returned, primed for conversation existential.

The course lasted five more nights over three weeks
and Buster, as Holy Hodge Pettigrew, finally won the
championship race against two of the filthiest villains ever!

The excitement had faded a bit when the other trio returned.

Dr Petit, a calligrapher also, had fashioned each a Certificate
of Completion.

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