Saturday, April 29, 2017


Reading Smart

-Smartest guy I knew back then
accountant at our ad agency.

Never went to lunch he didn’t
hit a bookstore after.

Come back with two to five
paperbacks. That’s every freakin
working day!

Key to Nordic Philosophy!
I’m making that up, but
everything! Everything!

-But, so what? That’s book smart.

-No, it rubbed off.

-Good! Why are so many proud of
being dummies?

-They’re not proud. They’re ashamed.
The arrogant front is their very best cloak!

-More to be pitied than scorned.

-That’s an ancient old song.

-Hey! Can’t I come up with weird 

deflections also? I’ve read books.


-Can’t say that. They ramble so!

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