Monday, May 08, 2017


Had Begun He

Lorghnetta possessed elegance.

Her boyfriends, unfortunately, not.

So, she suffered, before Harrison.

He was different, and studied tea

"Manners everything!" they both agreed.

Yet the relationship was normal in that
tensions dug in imperiously at times.

At such, she worked on her complexion,
and he flitted about their condo in his
male kimono. Given him, claimed he,
by Takishi!

Anyway, nothing important was ever
resolved, and yet they seemed happy.

Her girlfriends puzzled about his airy
quality, how, frankly, mincing ways,
too, could translate in the bedroom.

But she told them not to worry.

And smiled her Mona Lisa.

She could never find the refinement
in language to cast "Hung like a bull!"

Well, you never couldn’t tell much
of anything, ever, by looking.

And he managed to scan "mad woman
afire ‘tween the sheets" but softer,
embedded in a lovely, measured
form at a meeting of The Fall River

Silk sheets, of course.

        above Love...”

had begun he.

Too freely, he knows, but a work in progress.

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