Wednesday, May 03, 2017


Princess is a bookie

Small time. Prins.

She passes on any big action
to her boyfriend, Harnaby.


They don't gamble themselves,
except for a very occasional
hunch of Prins. College basketball,
her specialty.

Then he laughingly adds to her bet
and places it in Vegas.

It's a sucker plunge and they know
better, but occasionally pays off!

Whereupon they spend it all on a jaunt

Act like tourists!

Over the years, they've made friends with
Marlesy and Ruth-Ellen, showgirls.

This time in, all have gotten tickets to
a touring Italian Opera Company.

Marlesy later prints out the arias in her own
phonetics, which they sing to each other with
great drama. Even Harn pitches in.

Naturally, the other women are frequently moved
to dance also.

Willowy and graceful, whereas Princess limps.

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