Sunday, May 21, 2017


Sometimes I’m the Bad Boy

Unless I pout the whole concert.
Then I’m the Bad Girl!

A few too many insults coming back
over the footlights once, I pulled
my pants down.

Never do that in Louisiana.

Careful, even, when home there!

The lawyers got the fine tripled
instead of jail time. With the
excuse of First Amendment
Art Form
or some such shit!

We’ve been at it so long,
critics say I can’t sing.

Never could. Our publicity
says guttural, down-home,

Uh huh? With the hint under that
pipedream that the drugs ruined it.

RAVAGED! My oh my!

Hey! All the talk lately is worse
than our performances!

Our Brit says we’ve stayed too
long at the fair.

Hey! It’s a money machine!

With lights yet!

Not as efficient lately, but
still one.

I roll off the floor and do it.

You know, like roll off the bed?

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