Thursday, June 01, 2017


Further Searching for Truth

I tour the Theater of Desire,
my guide gabby until he
proclaims “Lies make up
a good part of this filth!”

I need to sit, but the red
velvet rows have been ripped
out, the floor fittings covered
with dusty newspapers.

He fetches a folding chair
from a circle the lunching
workmen use to inhale their
subs, and exhale their tales of

It collapses under me.

Funniest occurrence in History
of Mankind, and so he rolls
demonstrably around in the
newspapers, sending up clouds
of dusty hysteria. Assumes the
vertical to wave his arms!

I scramble up to finally stop this
absurd act.  “You’re over the top!”

Bang the dust off of him as he

I admit I lay on too hard, and
he starts screaming! “Finally,
after all, the resort to violence!”

He lisped the last word, so both
of us explode into a giggling fit.

We’re running a rave here next week.

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