Thursday, July 20, 2017


Death and Worse

-Made a comic quartet in college.

-How so?

-Negotiating. Who'd marry whom?

-A settlement reached?

-Well, Cynthia was the pretty fly
in the ointment--why it took
so long.


-The opposite. Unrelentingly sweet!

-Uh huh? Met the type. Then one day
she takes the legs out from under
you with a snarky comment that
exposes you to a lifetime of ridicule!

-Not her.  Zero defects. She'd turn
the devil himself into an absolute

-At any rate, the story isn't about
Cynthia turning hard?

-Nor Grace attaining Cynthia's perfection.

-What did happen?




-But how...?

-There's a technical medical term, but...she sweeted herself to death, really.

Mark devastated. Hit the bottle.

-And Grace?

-Practically killed herself to become
as Cynthia!

-Did she?

-Got close. But as Fate would have it,
a monster entered! Still prevails.



-Not that!

-Happy didn't follow Mark on the Bottle
Trail, but...


-Barely. "It seizeth my waking hours,
and harroweth my nightmare sleep!”

-Very nearly Shakespearian.

-On a bad day, yeah.
Finally...he quoted Kurtz in
Heart of Darkness.

-The horror?

-Yep. Said nothing else after that.

-Some story! I'm shaking!

-Cynthia was well-insured--some

-But no firm underwrites PMS.

-Would ruin them!

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