Saturday, September 22, 2018



I have absolute open sesame at a usually forbidding bureaucracy.

Walter, the Head, and I have frequently
straightened things out.

This time we make short work of my
double-knotty problem!

“We’re done here!” announces he.
“Courier delivers new papers to you
this afternoon.”

I tell him I’m genuinely grateful!

“Now you can do ME a favor.”

Of course, but proves a strange one!

A Lou Harker gone missing, like,
maybe permanently! The Bureau
must restore him somehow.

I’m to be him for a few extra minutes.

A young couple comes, and I assent
to what they say.

All gobbledygook and I nod...when
not issuing a genial yes!

Easy, but the ambient quite surprises!
Love flows from the couple and even
those nearby. I feel lifted.

The warmth all but overwhelming!
In the air long after the couple leaves,
so I can’t help but remark on it when
Walter comes back with coffee and
Danish for us both.

“Yeah, Lou such a peach, everybody
instantly loves him. That atmosphere
enveloped you. Not that you’re
NOT nice! As am I. But the two of us
wouldn’t make one Lou!”

Pretty great when you get love and
not studied diffidence.

I’ve had some opportunities to be Lou again and  jumped at them!

And yeah I know it’s wrong, unmeasured, and I’m being

But now his girlfriend, Melody, has
insinuated the picture offering to
instruct me.

We’ve been out a few times.

She is mega mega cute! know!

Short of it is

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