Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Our Paramount Difficulty

is language. Inadequate
to describe the pirates

and egregious thieves
massed in the private sector

who tell us “Leave us alone
to make financial magic for all!”
Uh huh. How is that working out?

And “Just enforce the laws on
the books! We need no fresh ones.”
Uh huh. Like, let’s privatize police
in a city of 100,000 and hire one

illiterate a shift to handle the whole burg.
In the high public sector? Well, lines blur,

but they're florescent green
money. The Democrats engage;
Republicans find God

free-wheeling. The Right desires revolution
because depravity hasn't gone far enough.

The Left wants to start over by
first nabbing the worst, but
the prisons aren't large enough.

Besides, if you fill them with such
conniving talent, they’ll corrupt

that system even further
reasserting power from there.

Stalin, of course, went too far, but
his earlier game plan might merit study.

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