Saturday, May 04, 2013

Choosing a Proverb

Deeds takes Look for the silver lining.
Jips, ironist always, Look for the slivered binding.

She doesn't think much of that. Anyway, Registry office
okays hers, but his already taken by a man in Maine.

All those pine trees! thinks Jips.

Jips has to teleport there and meet him. Exact clone,
of course. But this other Jips simply nods and brushes
past into the machine and is gone.

So that's the deal? Well, why not try it here?  He asks the man 

running the store to tell him where he lives. 
Claims he has bumped his head.

Mr Orgonz explains he's delivering the goods
for a year’s order to him anyway, so why not
ride along in the thousand year old Chevvie truck?

After he helps the old man put the order away, 

he starts looking around the rustic cabin on the 
spooky lake.

Quite a good communications setup, so he messages
himself, his clone really. "Her face quizzy-weird since
u say Deidre. Likes Deeds."

Other Jips has books, he discovers. Must be old fashioned type. 

And bookbinding machinery. Soon the store man 
starts delivering some for repair.

Simple stuff he can figure out, but a few Bibles need
an experienced craftsman. So, he studies online with the same 

irascible Norwegian his clone had.

After a year, though Jips is repeatedly called a blockhead, 

the Norwegian posts a beautiful 
certificate at the general store. It’s in Norwegian 
and gorgeously engraved.

Orgonz  frames it and delivers many more books.

After a year also he turns on his old household cameras. 

Everything looks the same, as do Deeds and 
new Jips. Except she's pregnant.

He remembers jealously, but is too happy for it.

Long book short, little Deeds messages him from
time to time now. She wants to visit. Speaks of all
their lives as odd. Most especially that of her

parents! He answers that Life is indeed strange, 
but you go on from there.

She registers that as her proverb.

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Time travel not the answer to good relationships, I'm assuming.
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