Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Refusing to Join the Circus

-Put her foot down? When did she pull it up?

Closer in, Carl went at Dorothy.

-Your father warned me you were a mule, and he's
been proven right!

-Who's disputing? I'll remain the mule on this one.

-Ruck and Dilly get a check for a thousand each and
every month! What do we get from our stinkin bank?

-Very little. But at least we're holding on to what
we got.

-Okay okay, then just do me this favor. Let’s read
the stuff together again and...

-No use. I still won't understand it.

-Well nobody does, completely. So what?
Can you understand a check for a thousand
each and every damn month?

-Till it stops and they close all the phones

-Now that's just nonsense! Why Reverend Chuck
and Brother Buster even mentioned it in the
church newsletter.

-Well that's a disservice to Jesus.

-Oh stop it! Join the Twenty-First Century!

Carl awfully hurt when they arrested Reverend Chuck
and Brother Buster at a service. FBI overreach
to be sure! Lawyer Hoddings thought they'd only
get a couple of years each as very minor players.

The leaders were on the run, leaving mansions
full of fancy paintings and all.

The worst thing he ever had to do was tell
her she was right. But wasn’t he just trying to...?

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The great embezzler.
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