Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Future of Misery

Biff and Carol went on to the film, even though it
wasn't Leonardo DiCaprio, but the fellow looked
like him.

The other couple wouldn't, she insisting, even though
Carol informed them of glowing reviews online.

Well, that'd be the last time to go out with those two! 
At work he seemed scattered and worried, and she was
a mule growing up and had gotten worse.

Carol told him that at the Fourth Street Club everyone
begged off any committee she was on.

At bedtime--they had skipped beers at Lefty n' Lil’s
because of the sour mood. Which the lame film
didn't help...

ANYWAY, Carol told him it was bad luck to talk about
another couple's troubles. But they couldn’t help it:
those two being a trainwreck heading for a
bigger one!

Biff's final thought before brushing his teeth--
taking a very long time to do it in hopes the
subject would die--"You know, in the old days
that kind of woman just made the whole town
miserable, but now with the internet...?

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Makin us all miserable.
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