Thursday, August 08, 2013


Bits of Fate

On a Cyber Afternoon

It instructed “Click here to listen twice to the selection.”

Rappy misunderstood and clicked twice, and the screen
went black.

Then the message:      

              You’ve been had by              

But the Government as quickly intervened.
            Your system is restored
            and MCE arrested.

Then the questionnaire. Would you like him
a) jailed indefinitely b) lectured and let go  c) executed.

Enough was enough. Rappy ticked c.

Then thought he’d been too hard, and endeavored to change his vote.

Nothing doing. They had strapped the miscreant 

to a gurney, and injected hm with the latest fatal juice. 

All channels covered it, even the Quilting one. 

Which, also replayed it more than the others, 
superimposed on a quilt.

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Another person of interest bites the dust.
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