Saturday, August 10, 2013


Growing Up With Some Help

The Fight

-We were in heavy coats so not as bad. But...
I was sneaky. Tripped him and then couldn’t
stop pounding him. Mr Tessler, the Rec
Supervisor, yanked me off him.

-Terrible. How is...?

-He, like, I don’t know, all sobs.

-Five percent physical injury, ninety five percent

-Yeah? Well, Dad says kids have scrapes.

-Stop! You’re on the hook! You did an awful awful thing!

-Well it’s too late now to...

-Go right now to tell him you’re sorry!

-I don’t know where he lives! We meet at the playground!

-But it’s ten to one he’s on your cell, no?

-(Weakly) Yeah.

-Call him immediately!

-What’ll I say?

-Say? SAY!

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