Monday, August 12, 2013


The Wages of Capital iz less for u; of Sin, not so bad


The Very Partial Picture

-Wow! You coming to HR! Like the Enterprise docking
at Bridgeport.

-I’m interested in how the Big Hiring is going.

-Swimmingly! But just started.

-Pay scales?

-Same for past five years. Some pressure to
nudge them up. Competition.

-Cut them across the board. Thirty percent.

-We’ll lose some...!

-In this desperate climate? Doubt it. As to present
employees, write a letter asking them to swallow
fifteen percent. If they don’t, we throw all healthcare
to Uncle Obama.

-I feel shell-shocked! I thought profits were zooming.

-That’s only a partial picture.

-Jesus! Blood, sweat, and tears.

-Do me a favor? Follow my instructions, and leave the
violin in the fuckin closet. Okay? Like a good boy.

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In addition to profits, we also must consider 20 mil bonus for CEO. Most important, of course.
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