Monday, October 28, 2013


Jews etc

Viral Catalog

The Jews were always there, but that couldn't
explain everything.

His radio guys filled in the other groups.

He kept the running total in his laptop. In code
of course. None too small for cataloging. Thus
Blutenheimer Icelandic Conspiracy was bic.

His local lamestream press recently full of stories
about “Mini-Silicon Valley,” as a few cyber firms
had established in the new industrial park.

He watched these employees dropping in at
The Ice Cream Store in his strip mall. The usual
queers and oddballs, but terrestrials merely.

Two, though, fit the profiles in Dr Hobart Grimshaw's
Newsletter. “Definite Space Aliens, of the Mongolian
Face Type.”

He'd follow them next time, but it sufficed on this
occasion to get them in his laptop: 2dsamft@ics.

In his mind he called them Mongolunars--
for those of you denying him wit.

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Best to track em!
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