Sunday, October 06, 2013


Showing Beforehand


At times, Judith draws a storyboard by way of prediction.

Thus, guy installing wall TV in conference room,
she has shown as muscular and flirtatious in one panel.
Begging a date in the next.

Actually, scrawny and uncommunicative. Only saying
"These walls, cheeseboard. Hafta brace from
other side."

However, when he comes back in a week to check tuning,
her charms don’t fail.

She storyboards their date, but afterwards this time. He sings
Vesti La Giubba naked. Belongs to an opera club.

Fortissimo member.

My half-gay boss photoshops the last for his Mancave.

Judith's Hall of Fame proves to be "Buying a scarf
at Macy's."
It turns out just as she drew it.

Anime version nearly goes viral.

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