Thursday, April 17, 2014


Same Old Same Old

Most scorned the legal barbarism of one slash monthly. But it made
no difference in the bought-and-paid for democracy.

The National Slashers Association lobbied for the limit to be
lifted to five. And all fees eliminated.

Many people, of course, didn't carry swords.

Which makes all five feet of Jeanette stand out. She wanders through the group of roistering Slashers on the fetid subway platform until she reaches the one who has abused her daughter.

The viral video proves remarkable, all commentators amazed at the
speed a small woman could generate. Experts break it down like
a golf swing.

Of course, she runs immediately afterwards, and the oafs can’t catch her.

The one clings to life as Senators decry vigilante lawlessness.

But Jeanette, for all her passion, had obtained a one-month license.

They apologize, and the news moves on to Fourth of July celebrations.

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All's well with the repubic.
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