Monday, April 14, 2014


The Rise of Morons Through Money

-Look at that! Jesus will you freakin look at that!

-I knew you'd be taken with it. You've heard the concept, and
since we believe it so deeply, we wanted to show it in terms
the American Moron could understand.

-Does he speak in just greenbacks, or are there coins mixed in
there somewhere?

-Bills make the point.

-But how did you...?

-Trade secret. We’ve worked on it a good while.

-I...can't make the words out, really.

-What difference does that make? It's the principle. Money is speaking! Therefore money is speech.

-Will he keep it up forever, or do you gather up about a bushel and
stick it up his ass for the process to begin anew?

-Something like that.

-Well, eighth wonder of the world. The man talks out money! Wow!
It keeps spewing and spewing from his mouth! I can’t get over it!

-Intellect solves problems if the smarmy government stays away!

-I'd send a clip of him to the Supreme Court. Sorta back them up.
I mean it sounds ridiculous to say money is speech and vice versa.
Two different things.

-But, observe! Obviously not!

-You keep educating the morons, and one fine day some will make
the Supreme Court.

-That battle has been won.

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Great blog post. Terrific final line!
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