Saturday, April 19, 2014



-So you need a wronged woman? I got one! Deepest hurt for
the ladies. And then endless homicidal rage for the more 

vicious segment of them.

-I'll call the agent of this...?

-Laurie. Nothing like her on the planet. Scares the shit outa me
just looking at her.

-Sounds perfect.

-Uh...I just thought, unfortunately. I'm afraid she recently ruled herself out.

-Stop it! How could...?

-She became a Larry.

-Sex change operation?

-The whole meghilla. So, if you need a wronged man someday,
that inner drive to murder translates easily enough.

-Call in one of the lazy-ass writers!

-Interesting move. Flip the script from girl to guy.

-No problem-o! But I'm thinking deeper this instant. Wronged both
as woman and man! In fact...perhaps not by external people at all.

-The whole searing drama played inside Larry-Laurie? 

Jekyll and Helen?

-I'm sniffing Academy Awards!

-At least one of those genius ones for you.

-“I’d like to thank...nobody
.” It’s a lonely life.

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Scary when one of them changes teams.
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