Thursday, May 22, 2014


Present Wife Laconic

(Last one, emergency a minute!)

At any rate,  put her in our Expedition to her Aunt's country 

place, and then don my faux military garb, complete with 
AK-47 won at church.

Not much time, due to her casual warning.

Join the Assassination Squad on their sweep of our floor,
no one the wiser.

They flood off the elevators as I merge smoothly, imitating
their duck-and-poke Swat Team manner.

We batter down doors that are unlocked.

Lingering, then, within domestic sets of sofas, and tables with
toasters. Lost for meditative seconds after determining the
absence of the persons in the photographs about, which the
others match with ones on phones.

Usually the leader, when we gather in the hallway again, lights
a cigarette, indicating All-Clear.

But today he performs a vicious uppercut with his weapon,
so up the stairs we go to 15.

All stealth lost in our thundering, but 15 perceives slowly,
being mostly retired.

Bipsy-Lou has rigged the elevator not to stop there again,
till the cleanup and refurbishment complete.

There's a waiting list already.

The leader has been mildly reprimanded for overzealousness, and
my wife has returned, casting bucolic Instagram snaps on House-TV.

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Oughta be basis of hit movie...
wanna see actress playing laconic wife...glad former died.
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