Tuesday, May 13, 2014


The Chinese Century

For Love and Glory

-We're supposed to be into the Chinese Century,
but look at their New Years, and all the nonsense
with dragons. Dragons! Oh my!

-You're implying no more dragons to be feared,
and even slain?

-Cut it out!

-How about metaphorically? Buoy us up a bit!

-I don't deal in figures of speech.

-I bet you don't even want Mickey Rooney and
Judy Garland to find an old barn in Connecticut
and put on a show!

-Not really.

-Or Fred and Ginger to dance by signs of
railroad stations right up to Broadway's Palace?


-But people want a show! To see one or...

-My show's the bottom line.

-A fine and private place,
but none, I fear, do there embrace.

-Poetry! The very definition of useless.

-Let’s make a movie!

-Where I'm converted to bullshit at the end?
Buying statues for the peasants’ church?

-Better than your version.

-Mine just wins!

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Illusions aplenty.
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