Saturday, June 14, 2014


Queen of Summer and Her Court

Deodorant Failing!

And the bridesmaids’ dresses, of a kind of semi-florescent
salmon, were soaking through with sweat!

Oak Juntsley went to the minister. “Crank up the A/C! I’ll pay
extra, you cheap ecclesiastical son of a bitch!”

Just before the ceremony, old Dr Andernathy went to the car
for a blanket for his Cecille, who had once synchronized swum
in a justly forgotten Olympics.

The bride turned tremblingly beautiful. Groom leaned into her
to support. The double rings proved difficult, what with icy

Fortunately, the reception outdoors: the smothering humidly
a positive tonic by then.

A tottering Oak finally offered a toast to the minister, who
then repeated word for word his message about forgiveness
in marriage--his wife, already drunk, sneered so, she had to
be eased behind the caterer’s tent.

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