Tuesday, June 10, 2014


The Brand New Revolution

The Relatively Happy Manager

was shattered at work that Monday
with the news that all the fork-lifts
were missing. The usual drivers watched
porno and sent out for donuts.

His supervisors screamed as usual, but in
a higher key.

Just acting. They had rented out the machines at
an exorbitant rate to The John Galt Physicians Corps, who were attacking City Hall at that moment.

Part of the First Privatized Revolution-–eschewing
the Army, any government component--were soon
joined by Chamber of Commerce types who gouged
everybody buying munitions.

The revolutionaries soon began fighting among
themselves over eventual splits of booty.

City Hall forgotten as a prize, and destroyed.

The overall leader, a militant accountant, was
summarily executed on the smoking ruins
by The Tea Party Patriotic Brigade.

A Rabbi went on TV to plead for reconciliation
but was ridiculed for not carrying a gun.

The  other clergy had leased tanks from NATO partners.

One shadowy group who proudly called themselves
Wingnuts for Capitalism claimed they had the bomb, and would explode it at a random National Football League game.

Con men were freed from Danbury and other federal prisons.

One became the new, nominal leader, saying, 
in his best Patrick Henry imitation: "The opportunity to so massively steal cannot be ignored."

Well, Money never lost a war. Or a revolution?

But shouldn’t either have some ideals? Okay, stupid
question. For America anyway.

The Commercial is Everything! had been the motto
going in. Most of the spouters are dead but the
words live on.

Non-revolutionaries held for ransom. The case
with our original manager. His wife fetched him
for ten thousand and they immediately left for

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Too funny! Did it really happen?
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