Monday, July 14, 2014


Just Like That

Chapter One

-I’m outa gas with all my stupid lines, and fixated on Delly.

-Delly! That Strawberry Blonde? No dirty male sock has hit
the floor of her apartment in many a year.

-Has she swung the other way?

-She swings no ways. Done. Finito! Case closed, as we say
in the trade.

-It’ll take the cleverness that has fled me.

-The bullshit you mean.

-If you will. I’m done, you’re right.

-How about your self? Not much of a commodity but what you have.

-She’s a beauty. She’ll laugh.

-Laughing is halfway there. Seriously, how about a direct approach
where you tell the truth? “Just the facts, Ma’am.”

-How...can you recognize...?

-Trust yourself! You’ll be giving evidence as to your physical and
moral fitness.

-I hardly think much of the person you’re referencing!

-Humility. She’ll eat that up! Go under her window like Romeo.

-So, get under her window and...?


-Not much of that in my family.

-How about moaning?

-I can do moan.

-And when she opens the window...!

-Throws open the sash, in poetry.

-Very well! Tell her it’s urgent that you speak to her!

-What if she says no?

-That’s when you must sustain.

-How so?

-Say anything! Keep the babble up to wear her down.

-What if I wear down?

-You can’t! Hafta get up to that apartment!

-For the male sex?

-Screw the rest, for yourself!

-Okay I’m up there. What...?

-Tell her you can’t live without her!

-The truth again? That’s tough for somebody who...

-Forget all that. A New Dawn!’re...half kidding, yes?

-Just half. It’s the cop in me. Lotzaluck!

-I just might fool you.

Chapter Two

He had been watching before clerks opened the stores
on Church Street. Chief thought a rash of vandalism
could spread there from the surrounding neighborhoods.

His friend flew by in his red Mitsu convertible, scarves
flinging back from a strawberry blond.

Chapter Three

The Lieutenant’s champagne-fueled Wedding Speech has so
many cynical asides from a bed of mush, his wife gestures
for him to sit down.

That, the second shot; the first being his friend succeeding.

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A heartfelt novel, read in a minute. Topped off with a very nice car!
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