Sunday, July 13, 2014


Report of Feuding Couple

-Do not let the sun set upon your wrath!

-Oh yeah, well when we both get home from work,
it'll all fly again! And I'll make my points!

-No you won't. You'll just repeat them.

-Whatever. My Wrath's a mighty bastard! And he
has saved up!

-Poor Jenny-Ann!

-Huh! She's a Fury to stand up to God himself!

-You make it sound like fun.

-It is if she really gets hurt–not Academy Award, but the
real thing. Defeated tears. Bitter, defeated tears.


-I suppose, but it's like a machine can't be stopped.

-Try a little maturity.

-Never again. That just makes you into an asshole like
all the rest.

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A glimpse into the bliss.
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