Monday, August 25, 2014


American Song

Core Scat

Back on the plantation, hey hey hey,
were important and controlled,

but today? Hey hey hey,
would the Cullids go away?

Yellows next cuz their food
stinks so. Ho ho ho!

Get more ships and planes for
Spicks. But take the knives away.

They can talk to each other,
Hey hey hey!

In that endless babble of theirs
all the way to wherever.

Some Hell anywayz!
Or they’ll make it so,
like our other pretty groups.

Hey hey hey. Ho ho ho.
Hava cuppa Joe

and toast ‘em all with
a comfortable sigh. Hey

hey hey and ho ho ho,
fuckin forever!  True?
You seen the light? It’s

Bright White, Baby!

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Another day, another new perspective.
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