Thursday, August 28, 2014


Another Brace of Operators

-My Congressman needs your Golden Negro!

-There's a fee.

-Always, but let's be reasonable.

-What's the mission?

-Accompany him to black districts, where
Republicans reflexively despised.

-He can do that, and then to Hispanic if
you want. As a labor leader he negotiated
contracts in Spanish.

-Pinch me! Is this heaven?

-About the opposite, really. Why we love it!

-But what are his actual politics? He seems to
have started as a Lefty. We don't want the media
proving it's all Academy-Award presently.

-He's far far right of Generalissimo Franco.

-Who's that?

-Spanish Civil War?

-Can't be bothered. Got our own.

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Yer writin dere playbook...
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