Monday, August 11, 2014


Chaos Mode

Figuring Her Out

-Sorry to miss the wedding, having just
returned from the same sewer where I've
twice before kept the nation safe for
Crony Capitalism. But, anyway, you caught
you a young one! Good for you!

-Not so. She's working her way off the hook.

-How so?

-Screaming divorce practically an hour after
the honeymoon.

-Weren’t you tender? Isn’t that Italian?

-I honored my heritage thusly. Plus some caveman
stuff to keep her interested.

-Anyway...shrug I, Period of Adjustment. For anybody.

-You know that saying the tumult and the shouting dies?

-No, having been mostly in the middle of it for the army.

-Looks like it's never gonna domestically also.

-A temporary impossible. Get her pregnant!

-Should I take away her shoes too?

-You mean you haven't?

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