Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Theory of Revolutions

-Song says "Ain't gonna study war no more"
and yet that’s what you do.

-Won't go away. It or me.

-What's latest model?

-Two. We ran them together.

-Let me guess. Revolution from the Left?

-Soaring rhetoric!

-But the follow-through?

-When the tumult and the shouting died,
women looked for steadier partners.

-And men?

-Dissolved into a massive lump of
bureaucratic suet.

-So, the more or less mushy moderate
nation of today. Bourgeois crooks, and
those they worship.


-I know you had to run the Right Upheaval too.

-Glowing goals! Clear and clean. Simple and

-And the penalties, lucid?

-Most are so.


-Firing squads for the least pure.

-And, then, for the middling immaculate too?

-In short, they killed themselves off. But the
anger trooped on.

-Over too many corpses to count?

-Precisely. When they declared victory, not
much left.

-But Anger. Lovely and sustained, it embraced
Mayhem upon the smoking piles.

-Yeah, Nation so weak, a foreign power marched in.
Monarchists. Now the Righties are too busy
reverently smooching their ass.

-Who says the vicious can’t become loving?

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Puppet masters reverie.
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