Wednesday, September 03, 2014


Fear and Melody

He was afraid of everything. The future held horrors!

The authorities knew of his type, and sought to
understand. In order to insure more producing units:
cut down on sick days.

Thus they instituted an essay with the annual tax
form. Tell us about your non-financial year.

Unfortunately, the fearful man, after writing many
cautious drafts, forgot.

He was deported.

In his new country, though despised, he fears nothing.

Lives on odd jobs and scraps of food.

He sings continuously, early folk-rock, and is laughed at
for his attempts.

Years have passed and he won’t stop smiling.

Efforts have been made to send him elsewhere, but no one
wants him.

He can’t make a friend, male or female, but keeps trying.

When he gets senior, the Foreign Department softens, gives
him a vague award.

At the tiny ceremony, he thanks his old and new nations
equally. And Melody, his blind cat.

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