Thursday, May 21, 2015


Raising Bridge or Lowering River

Roper got sick of doing things the same way.

But when he changed, too disorienting.

To the point of illness: queasiness and unrelenting fear.

Well, enough was enough. He had tried when nobody
else would!

So, attempted switching back.

No go. A surprise that the government and corporations*
militated against it. Adoring status-quo usually!

His personal channel popped on, and a committee of professors
explained that his new way, difficult as it was proving, was the
future, that he was a pioneer, a rebel in the accepted sense that
the government was now mysteriously encouraging.

A box slid into he upper right of the screen. Mr Hepplewhite
telling him not to report to work. Congratulatory? Terrified?

A knock! NOW what? Just a Rick Kelsey, explaining that wife
and children have been removed, so don't bother yelling at
them for breakfast.

"Just to relatives. Erase the visions of terminal camps."

He'd be glad to eat their eggs instead. And clean up.
He’s detailed to help "Ropes" in every way. Later they'll
watch videos further elucidating the Authorities' new position.

For now they'll chant slogans. Those always relax.

Especially before eating.

(*Some would say they're the same thing, but such ones have disappeared.)

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