Thursday, June 04, 2015


Acrid Pair

“You can have your tramps, just
don't bring them home here!”

A low blow, decidedly, so Budge
mentioned what he called her
‘Great Punctured Romance!’

It hadn't been much then, but the
crying most bitter now.

Anyway, she ordered him out, and
told him with scarlet-faced scorn
to get his clothes later.

Clothes. When he lived by himself,
they were seldom clean.

"You always look so nice!" praised Letty,
tending bar at Mert and Mickey's.

"And smell the same!" Mickey added.
He had left Mert for a young professor
at Yale.  She stayed away thereafter.

"Out of the closet and into Education!"
this aggrieved one, now sobbing at the bar,
had laughed once.

“As much as I can handle!” Mickey remarked,
pouring himself a Becks, so Letty must have
said something.

Anyway, they convinced Budge to go back to
his sister.

"We just had to clear the air!" he insisted on
his return, but then fell back on groveling.

She had the brownies ready, still warm.

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Brownies speak to the masses.
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