Sunday, June 14, 2015


The S*x of R*bots

-Well, we finally got the Department Robot writing all
the software!

-Which leaves us squat to do!

-Hark! I hear Management Robot sharpening
his ax.

-Lance. We’re to be run through.

-Not I! said the little red hen.

-Rooster, rather.

-Once upon a time. Anyway, Gert and I pulling
the trigger soon on a little three-bungalow
outfit in the Adirondacks. Live in one and... the other two to seniors farting their
way into the actual sunset?

-One. The other reserved for Honeymooners
fucking their way to Early Primate.

-No thanks. Besides, I’m not worried. I think the
Robot loves me.

-Terrif! Will work out the way for you it would
with a human man.

-Man? Thought it was a woman.

-Hey, pick your sex, or exact gradation therof.
We’ll stick a module in!

-I’d like him-her wild!

-Done!...when high minds get horny...

-Don’t finish that! Let me show it!

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Early primates, eh? Later ones any better?*

*See W.
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