Monday, July 27, 2015


Filling In

Word circulated

to write in 14E with "14E"–and not a single letter from
the list of options representing concepts, choices...
or whatever.

At any rate, this worked for everyone until a person
was called in at random, and never returned to his family.

A lump sum was, and the family seemed satisfied.

But, thereafter, anyone who 14E'd originally
was marked Q in every paper or cyber file.

The Q's living on borrowed time went the rumor.

Pretty much all the Qs gathered in the Adirondancks
and armed themselves.

They decided to preemptively attack a motor vehicles
office on Staten Island.

Fourteen deaths resulted and the numerologists went bananas.

The government called for meetings.

Never held, so everything forgotten.

“We lurch from vague crisis to vague crisis,” concluded
Senator Oliver, aka Senator Expense Account.

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