Thursday, July 30, 2015


The Fill-In

I breezed through the form, but what the hell!

You could put anything down!

Check Chinese and nobody cared.

Married, Single, Divorced? All three. In glee!

As always, a combination of chaos and

Since they proved crazily fussy about 14B. A large
blank you had to fill in border to border. With what? 
God knows.

The question varied. Mine, this time: How far is up?

Not intended to necessarily elicit a scientific
answer, but tap your psyche in some way. I wrote
of a trip to the shore with my elderly parents.

Wrong! The woman waved her wand and it
blinked red. So...again.

No soap either with How many make anything else?
I detailing the articles in my right pocket.

The woman eventually gathered her personals
and closed up. I was still her charge, so she
led me to her crisp little apartment in the same

Only a short passageway, but it took some time
because of a ranging limp that grazed both walls.

In that cozy domain, over Stouffer's Microwave Lasagne,
I first noted how terrifyinging ugly she was.

But before you say anything, I'd give King Kong a run
for his money.

She eventually produced pajamas that’d fit him!
I swam in them. And out.

England expects each man to do his duty!

I’m always okay with that. You pick the way
to show your patriotism. Still a free country.

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