Saturday, September 26, 2015


Who’s Crackers?

-Well I know that YOU’RE crazy.

-We always say that to each other, but...quantify!

-One a scale of one hundred...with...?

-Top being totally bananas!

-I assign you seventy-one.

-You’re kidding! That’s down the homestretch!

-Not at all. Quarter pole. Your future ahead of you.
Murkily. Wet track, you see!

-Sixty-four I’m saying for you, another Mudder.

-Not as coated as you.

-Nope. I’ll be relying on you as I disintegrate further.

-And we’ll both be relying on Stella and Norma.

-My Norma for normal?

-Close to it.

-I’m sorry, but I don’t wanna rely on your Stella.


-An understatement.

-Doesn’t affect me since I stopped listening.

-Shhhh! They always say we don’t listen.

-The girls have neurotic quiddities, though, and deserve
a number therefore.

-Quite fair. AND Equal Opportunity! Fifty-five sounds
about right.

-In summary, the quartet, in their various personas,
tracks off to Nutsville.

-Can be lovely country around there.

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Life's simple thruths.
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