Sunday, October 04, 2015


The Special Guest

-They call me Del, since I was manufactured in Delaware.

-Okay, Del, is there anything you want especially to do?

-Whatever YOU do is the intent of the program, but
anything more you desire to know about me is on
my website.

-Glimpse a bit of TV? Robot Games are on from Sydney.

-Please don’t make the mistake of thinking everything
I like is robo-centric. Important for me to learn more
and more of human things.

-Do you like the pajamas? My Aunt Millie’s Christmas
Gift, but over-flashy for me.

-I think they’re absolutely super! Just beautiful! They...
jump the light around.

-Cindy made these brownies before she left for her
neighborhood meeting. eat?

-Oh yes! I’m programmed to eat and just love it!
But...brownies? They’re not...?

-Called blond brownies. Light variety.

-Fine for me. I can digest anchor chains anyway.
sweet, isn’t she? I talked to her when they dropped me off.
After a minute, disabling my Irony Detector. Which I use
for ninety percent of human conversations.

-You can leave It off here. Not that we don’t laugh, but we
see life clearly enough to not need much wit, especially of
the sarcastic variety.

-Well, my memory is deficient of straightforward individuals.
I must interchange with Cindy as much as possible.

-Recommend it. But I could get jealous!

-A joke! You made one! Although it’s not your genre, you
must teach me what you know.

-Not a problem.

-I’m reading Mark Twain and Dickens and Shakespeare as we speak.

-The well-rounded robot.

-Yes...uh is that a joke too?

-Half a one.

-Subtle. Learning the subtleties is difficult. Oh excuse me for
laughing now: Tom Sawyer is such a romantic little circuitous fool!

-I don’t remember.

-You need a Memory Freshener. Stick in two electrodes and you’re
good to go!

-Do you think they’ll eventually make everybody robots?

-I’m not to say it, but that’s the plan. But so what? Cindy will be as
sweet and...

-I as square?


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