Thursday, February 11, 2016


Father of Daughters, Father of Sons

Startled awake by discordant sobs
from two rooms.

With Cecily, Aunt Dot in nightgown and
army jacket.

"What the hell is going ON?"

She nodded toward the other bedroom where
Dinah’s noise had risen to retching.

There would his wife be, putting her finger
to her lips as a signal he should say nothing.

Two smashed romances, he guessed. But couldn't
visualize the individual males.

He held a generic one in his mind: stolid and
stupidly hormonal.

Walked out the garage to the freezing driveway.
The aunt's car whooped away, the door open.

He turned it off and closed the door and locked
it with the key. Put it in his robe pocket.

Three snow-streaked driveways over, spinning lights,
blue and red.

He walked towards them, his slippers crunching out
the wails from the house.

Jumped from bed at the room pulsing red and
blue. When he got to the front door he could
see the slice of driveway with strident Budgey
on the ground being cuffed by the older cop,
and silent Hap running in the roadway, pursued
by the younger one.

No contest. Drunk B quickly exhausted, and
returned like a bundle. Then cuffed as well.
But left standing.

“What the hell...?” the father began.

"Suspicion of DUI," as officer coached the
manacled Budgey to his feet. "Quite one
weird chase from 7-11!"

The Dad allowed to check both as they protested
slurred innocence.

"They gotta be tested now. Send your lawyer in
the morning."

"A mother sleeping through all this?" shrugged the
younger one.

"She's at a conference for teachers."

Both cops nodded.

Right after the squad car extracted its colors, and
culprits, and the open doors of the remaining car

slammed shut, the two fathers stared dimly at each other
as black snow began softly falling.

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