Wednesday, February 17, 2016



-How are things in flyover country?

-Every day the same.

-What a blessing!

-More excruciating chaos than usual
in the Power Hub?

-In jagged spades!

-How much of your day is spent worrying?

-What part isn't?

-That's where my new service comes in.
And more time and space here to pursue it.

-Professional Worrier?

-No charge at first. A trial.

-You might wanna keep that up. Those who
work for nothing can set their own terms.

-Uh huh? Well, moving slowly along, must be
a client driving you bananas?

-He has invaded my dreams, even. Toxic Doozy!

-Let me worry about him!

-I'd need to give you some facts.

-Fewer the better. My worry will thrust better.

-And, should I just snap into passive mode.
Or keep up the frustrating one of action?



-Makes no difference. You're taking a vacation
from worry!

-(aside) Pass me my straw hat and a gin and tonic, Dorine!

-Don't fall asleep in the sun!


-You can stop. Client threw up his arms and
walked out!

-That's a solution. I think I helped.

-Whatever. I'm free!

-But...a contract, no? He has breached?

-I'm letting it slide.

-We'd sue, even in this slow place.

-You can't sue everybody! Well, you can,
but that'd shove out too many aspects
of the usual worry, setting up new ones.

-Leave them to me!

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