Tuesday, March 08, 2016


The Defiant One

Her mother and he agreed. Extraction
of the cell phone for a week.

She cried. At the actual imposition, and
continuously during the sentence.

She got it back, and he, somewhat guilty,
agreed to take her and two girlfriends
to see The Bell Bottoms, a throwback
trio of acne-scarred guitarists and “singers.”

An explosion of light and smoke and noise
like car crashes. With girls like his daughter

The trio he brought remained enraptured
for two weeks! Such a mooniness is
devoutly to be wished.

If only for its quiet.

Which lasted a while longer. Breathing space.

Then a mid morning call from the principal.

When he arrived, present with her and the two
other girls, Detective Sergeant Del Destry.

Who had stopped them sneaking from the
school, intent on joining the boy band for
its upstate tour.

The musicians knew nothing of the plan...
or so they said.

The Principal wanted them immediately back
in class, and would drive them home after,
conferring with each set of parents thereby.

Mr Ohner, the shop teacher, volunteered to stay
in the car with the ones or one remaining. Until
the final stop.

A well-organized plan to help shatter parents.

The detective ultimately walked him out.
The high school was at the foot of a long,
uphill avenue.

“What do you see when you look up there?”

“Busy street. Cars.”

“I see a parade of psychologists and social workers.”

“And an end result of...misery?”

“Why not try Sister Veronica?”

The retired nun ran a soup kitchen at St Luke’s.

His Cindy there? mused he. No way!

Way. She became indispensable.

Persuaded him and his wife to help out at the
Christmas Dinner.

He toasted Sister Veronica after, with cranberry juice. 

“We owe you!”

“You owe God.” Didn’t disagree.

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